We're excited to introduce a new way to shop! Our Seasonal Bundle subscription helps you do the heavy lifting. Every three months we will send you five wardrobe items for your growing child that will carry them through the season.  Our personalized style quiz will ensure the items are just right!

Here's how it works:

  1. Don't have time to scroll through our pages of products? Fill out our style quiz with your child's size, style and preferences.
  2. The iSpy team will curate the perfect bundle consisting of five everyday items that your child can wear throughout the season.
  3. Before the seasonal bundle ships, we will reach out to confirm your child’s style, preference and size.
  4. Our seasonal bundles will be shipped to your door automatically one month before the start of each season.
    • August 1st (Fall items)
    • November 1st (Winter items)
    • February 1st (Spring items)
    • May 1st (Summer items)
Affordable, hassle free shopping, while feeling good about choosing secondhand! Free shipping* is included in each bundle for most delivery zones.

    A Standard Box ($64.99 with free shipping*) includes five, season appropriate, like new pieces from everyday brands.

    • Example of brands**: H&M, Old Navy, Carter’s, The Children’s Place, Gymboree

    A Premium Box ($84.99 with free shipping*) includes five, season appropriate, pieces from quality brands.

    • Example of brands**: Lands End, Jacadi, Tea Collection, Picture Organic Clothing, Benetton, Tommy Hilfiger, Mayoral, and other high end boutique brands.


    **Listed brands are used as an example only.  Each bundle will contain five items from similar quality brands and may not include the brands listed. 
    *Free shipping includes all Canadian provinces. Exclusions apply for Canadian Territories and contiguous USA.